Surprise Upgrade | Comprehensive Optimization for Automotive Electronic Testing

2019-09-10 19:31

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In order to better serve automotive electronic testing and optimize customer experience, Hangyu Power has comprehensively innovated and upgraded the popular product - HY-BPSU series automotive electronic testing high-speed power supply, greatly improving product accuracy and adding constant current function. The internal resistance can be adjusted within the range of 10m Ω -500m Ω, and the user experience is improved. Industrial control computers can be optional, greatly improving the efficiency of automotive electronic testing.

【 Surprise Upgrade Details 】

▶Precision upgrade

After the upgrade, the accuracy of the HY-BPSU series automotive electronic testing high-speed power supply can reach 0.05 level, which better matches the testing requirements of automotive testing standards such as ISO16750-2.

▶Add constant current function

The constant current function has a current amplifier function, which can be used in conjunction with an electrochemical workstation for current expansion purposes, with a maximum current of ± 1000A. It is used for I-V curve testing and AC impedance testing of high current low resistance systems such as fuel cells and battery cells.

▶Adjustable internal resistance

The internal resistance can be adjusted from 10m Ω to 500m Ω. By changing the length of the connected circuit, the resistance value can be changed to achieve control of current or voltage in the circuit, which can eliminate vibration, voltage sharing, current limiting, temperature compensation, and other purposes.

▶Voltage compensation

A voltage compensation circuit is a circuit used to maintain the load voltage within a set range. It is usually used in power transmission and distribution systems to maintain line voltage within a certain range and prevent damage to electrical appliances due to high or low voltage.

▶Optional industrial computer

Optional industrial control computer, equipped with all upper computer functions, saves customer communication connection operations, optimizes operating experience, and accelerates testing efficiency.

▶Feedback from old customers

In order to give back to old customers, Hangyu Power provides cost reduction and efficiency improvement services, which can update and upgrade the old HY-BP series power supplies that have been purchased by old customers, and provide services such as capacity expansion and free software upgrades.

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The HY-BPSU automotive electronic high-speed testing power supply is a bipolar power supply that has no positive or negative polarity switching at the output end and can be connected through zero point, with positive or negative bidirectional variable. Through the four quadrant action, the ability to provide power as a power source and absorb power as a load for testing has been achieved.