Customer Case: Hangyu Power Overcomes the Difficulty of Circuit Breaker Instantaneous Test

2019-09-10 20:29

With the continuous growth of electricity demand, the promotion of energy transformation and smart grid construction, and the upgrading and upgrading of power systems, the market size of circuit breakers has reached tens of billions of dollars. In recent years, wellknown circuit breaker manufacturers both domestically and internationally have entered the Chinese market, forming a certain competitive pattern. At the same time, by formulating relevant policies and standards, the government encourages local enterprises to enhance their technological innovation capabilities, strengthen product quality control, and thus promote the healthy development of the entire market.

Hangyu Power has numerous research institute and enterprise users related to circuit breaker products. In order to promote the upgrading of circuit breaker quality, the difficulty of testing requirements is constantly increasing, and the requirements for power supply products are constantly upgrading. In order to meet the constantly evolving testing needs of circuit breakers, Hangyu Power continuously discusses the development direction of circuit breaker testing technology with users, innovates the power supply technology, and breaks through existing constraints to provide more accurate, high-speed, and intelligent testing solutions.

Low voltage series customer cases (partial)

Circuit breaker testing scheme application power supply

Hangyu Power has three star power supplies in the field of low-voltage electrical testing, which conduct transient tests, temperature rise, aging, overcurrent, and other tests on circuit breakers.

1、HY-PM series programmable multifunctional DC power supply

2、HY-LCS series AC linear constant current source

3、HY-SCS series switch AC constant current source

Circuit breaker transient test

The instantaneous characteristic test is a main experimental item for detecting the operating characteristics of the instantaneous overcurrent release of low-voltage circuit breakers. Its working principle is to control the on/off of the main circuit power supply and apply the test current to the test object to verify whether the instantaneous overcurrent release action characteristics meet the requirements of the standard. The characteristics of this experiment are: high test current and short power on time of the main circuit; The number of tested products (i.e. products) is large, and the frequency of testing operations is high.

At present, the instantaneous characteristic test must have the following characteristics

Test conditions and equipment:

a) The current generation system can be adjusted within the expected current range and maintain the sinusoidal waveform. Conduct a transient characteristic test by connecting the two poles of the test object in series with the test current.

b) Accurate current on/off time (within 2ms-5ms) to ensure test accuracy.


The circuit can be closed at a specific phase of the power supply voltage to eliminate asymmetric components at the beginning of the current, and can display the current and tripping time.

Currently, the commonly used method in the low-voltage electrical testing and manufacturing industry is to use a multi magnetic circuit voltage regulation and transformation system. Due to the small number of taps on the secondary side of the transformer, the ratio between each tap cannot meet the requirements, resulting in a defect of low test current accuracy.

Hangyu Power's low-voltage electrical testing solution has accurate test current, precise control of power-on time, optimal closing phase angle, and comprehensively overcomes the difficulties of circuit breaker transient characteristics experiments to ensure the quality of low-voltage electrical appliances.

Testing of Instantaneous Action Characteristics of Low Voltage Circuit Breakers

Using HY-PM series for actual measurement of circuit breakers

The measured current rise time is<5ms

Actual measurement of circuit breakers using HY-LCS series

The measured current rise time is<5ms

Low voltage and high current power supply operation homepage

The homepage can be equipped with an optional display of the "fuse time" function, making it more convenient and intelligent to use in testing.

Advantages of low-voltage electrical testing solutions.