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HY-RC‍SU Ripple Coupling Device

Voltage 0-1500V
Current 0-1000A
Power 0-500kW
Frequency 10Hz-150kHz
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High voltage systems are becoming increasingly popular in the application of new energy vehicles, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, pure electric, etc. High voltage components operate on high voltage systems

Security has received considerable attention and attention. Therefore, the testing regulation LV123 (Liefer Vorschrift, LV 123) was born and defined for high-voltage components

Standard requirements and testing methods for electrical performance characteristics and safety testing.

Among them, ripple superposition testing has always been a challenge, as there is a lack of coupling devices that meet the requirements of high-frequency, high-voltage, and high current to simulate the operation of automotive high-voltage systems at high frequencies

The actual working condition of continuously generating high-voltage ripple superposition makes it difficult to ensure the stability of the functional state of high-voltage components in electric vehicles.

HY-RCSU series ripple coupling device, coupling high voltage up to 1500V, coupling large current up to 1000A, coupling high-frequency ripple 10-150kHz, convenient operation, high

Effectively assist in ripple superposition testing of high-voltage components, ensuring long-term stable operation of the high-voltage system.

Technical Parameters

■ Applicable standards: LV123, VW80303, VW80300, ISO21498-2

Coupling voltage 0-1500V

Coupling current 0-1000A

Coupling ripple frequency 10Hz~150kHz

Support front panel programming without the need for upper computer software control

■    "Non standard models, please consult Hangyu Power for specific dimensions"

■    For more parameters, please refer to the sample booklet

Application Field

High voltage system parts

■ HV battery system

■ Inverter

■ DC/DC converter HV

■ On-board charger

■ Electrical air conditioning compressor

■ Electrical transmission oil pump