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HY-LV123‍SU New Energy Vehicle Testing High Voltage Ripple Power Supply

Voltage 0-1500V
Current 0-1000A
Power 0-500kW
Frequency 10Hz-150kHz
+86 1380 1800 699


■ Applicable standards: LV123, VW80303, VW80300, ISO21498-2

■ The maximum output voltage is 1500V

■ The maximum output current is 1000A

■ DC output power single machine maximum 500kW (Can be paralleled to higher power)

■ Support multiple power supplies in parallel

■ Ripple frequency up to 10Hz ~ 150kHz

■ Working mode: superimposed ripple mode, standard mode

( CV / CC )

■ Support front panel programming, no need for PC software   control

■ Adjustable rising and falling slope (voltage/current)

■ Power output soft-start function to cope with inductive loads

■    10U single machine size:440(W)*600(D)*445(H)mm
■    18U single machine size:600(W)*800(D)*920(H)mm

■    For more parameters, please refer to the sample booklet

Application Field

High voltage system parts

■ HV battery system

■ Inverter

■ DC/DC converter HV

■ On-board charger

■ Electrical air conditioning compressor

■ Electrical transmission oil pump