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HY-BP‍SU High Speed Power Supply for Automotive Electronice Test

Voltage -100V~+100V
Current -500A~+500A
Power 200W-10kW
Frequency 20kHz-500kHz
+86 1380 1800 699


■ The HY-BPSU series is a bipolar DC regulated power supply with no positive and negative switching at the

output end, which can continuously pass through the zero point, and the positive and negative poles are

variable in both directions. Through the four-quadrant operation, a test method that can both provide

power as a power source and absorb power as a load is realized.

■ Arbitrary waveform editing function, the built-in waveform is suitable for: ISO 16750-2; GB28046.2; LV124;

LV148; SMTC 38000001; VW80000; GS95024-2; GW3172.

■ Timing function

■ Unipolar/bipolar function

■ Output wide band: DC~20kHz/50kHz/100kHz/150kHz/200kHz/300kHz/500kHz (CV mode)

■ Low ripple/low noise

■ High-speed response speed, voltage response time ≤ 1μs

■ Type of load used: inductive load, capacitive load

■ Can generate arbitrary waveforms and set timing control, using "linear amplifier method" to achieve the

functional advantages of low ripple, low noise and high-speed response

■ Output voltage: maximum -100V~+100V

■ Output current: 0~±500A

■ Output power: 200W~10kW

■ Corresponding to 6 times peak current (±120A peak CV): HY-BP 20-20A

■ Support front panel programming without computer software programming

■ 7-inch large LCD screen

■ Touch screen operation & digital key input & multi-level shuttle adjustment

■ Warranty period: three years

■    3U single machine size and weight:450(W)*660(D)*133(H)mm,35kg(estimate)

■    For more parameters, please refer to the sample booklet

Application Field

In-vehicle electrical equipment

Car central control box

Car generator

Steering gear motor

DC Motor/DC-DC Converter

Brushless Motor

ECU power circuit

Vehicle communication equipment

Electric pump (water pump/oil pump)

Vehicle comprehensive test

Automotive electrical components

Sensors for power circuits




Car fuse

Car lights

Wireless power

Power test

Power supply coil characteristic test

Magnetic drive

Magnetic flux test

B-H curve test

Power source for magnetic field generation

Helmholtz coil