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HY-HV Programmable High Voltage DC Power Supply

Voltage 0-200kV
Current 0-50kmA
Power 1kW-100kW
+86 1380 1800 699

Product manual download: HY-HV


          This is a high voltage programmable DC power supply with multiplevoltage options and a flexible and intelligent Programming function, simple and easy to operate panel, widely praised by customers.

■ Output voltage model:2kV、3kV、4kV、5kV、6kV、8kV、10kV、15kV、20kV······200kV etc

■ High power density: single machine maximum 150kW

■ 16 bits D/A High precision converter with precise output

■ 20 bits A/D High precision converter for more accurate read back

Application Area

Commonly used as a high-voltage power supply for power semiconductor devices, with a maximum voltage of 50kV, For power semiconductor devices such as IGBT, MOS transistor, diode, silicon carbide device, etc Conduct voltage withstand, breakdown, and other tests.

■ Ion Beam Implantation

■ Semiconductor Process

■ Electron beam power supply

■ Capacitor charging

■ precipitator

■ X-ray system

■ generator excitation

■ High Energy Physics Research

■ Power semiconductor testing

■ Diode reverse bias test

■ High voltage device breakdown test

■ High voltage amplifier bias

■ Shore based power supply

■ Electrostatic testing

■ insulation test

■ pulse power

■ accelerator

■ laser

■ medical treatment

■ chemical purification

■ Device aging