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HY-Z Portable Programmable DC Power Supply

Voltage 10V-650V
Current 0.32A-72A
Power 200X-800W
+86 1380 1800 699

Product manual download: HY-Z


Product Features

This power supply has a volume of only 1/6U, which is flexible and convenient, and can be combined freely,2 in series, 2-6 master-slave in parallelThis power supply has a volume of only 1/6U, which is flexible and convenient. It can be combined with multiple channels for testing, making it intelligent and fast.

■ One single machine is one channel, and each channel is suitable for series or parallel connection

■ power density:200W/400W/600W/800W

■ Wide input voltage range:85~265VAC

■ Input standard configuration PFC,Power factor up to 0.99

■ 16 bits D/A High precision converter with precise output

■ 16 bits A/D High precision converter for more accurate read back

Application Area

HY-Z Series power supply, through series and parallel connection, can achieve more freedom Parameter selection, with a wide range of applications, is very suitable for integrated systems The military and intelligent manufacturing fields are widely popular.

■ Stable power supply integration test

■ war industry

■ medical treatment

■ Power Semiconductor