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HY-PM Programmable Multi-Function DC Power Supply

Voltage 10V、20V
Current 0-30kA
Power 1kW-5kW
+86 1380 1800 699

Product manual download: HY-PM

HY-PM Programmable Multi-Function DC Power Supply.pdf

Product Features

■ output voltage 10V、20V(optional)

■ Maximum output current 30kA

■ High power density: 5 kW / 2U

■ Working mode: constant voltage CV, constant current CC, CV / cc priority can be set

■ 132 voltage / current combinations for users to choose freely

■ Input standard PFC, power factor up to 0.99

■ Support front panel programming without upper   computer software control

■ Adjustable rise and fall slopes (voltage / current)

■ Power output soft start function to deal with inductive   load

■ 16 bits D/A High precision converter, accurate output

■ 20 bits A/D High precision converter, more accurate   readback

■ Multiple protection functions OVP / OCP / OTP

■ 19-inch standard rack size

■ 4-inch large LCD

■ Touch screen operation & Digital key input.

■ Multistage shuttle adjustment knob.

■ The power input is controlled by circuit breaker,   which is safer(3U)

■ Output ON / OFF Key

■ The remote measuring terminal is equipped as   standard to compensate the voltage drop of the output line.

■ Lntelligent speed regulation design of fan to reduce noise.

■ Front / side air inlet and rear air outlet to save heat dissipation space.

■ Support Modbus & SCPI Agreement

■ Standard Interface:RS-485 & RS-232、Digital I/O

Application Area

■ power electronics testing

■ scientific research and testing

■ low voltage apparatus test

■ power semiconductor test

■ Aerospace

■ defense industry

■ automotive electronic testing

■ smart grid