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HY-LCS Programmable Linear AC Current Source

Voltage 5V、10V、20V
Current 0.1A-10kA
Capacity 300VA-30kVA
Frequency 45Hz-1kHz(Range selectable)
+86 1380 1800 699

Product manual download: HY-LCS

HY-LCS Programmable Linear AC Current Source.pdf


■ Output frequency range 45Hz-70Hz,Optional range 45Hz-1kHz

■ Output capacity range 300VA-30kVA

■ Output current range 0.1A-10000A

■ Open circuit voltage 2.5V/5V/10V/20V/36V/48V

■ Linear power technology, ultra-low distortion rate, ultra-low external interference

■ Support front panel programming, no need for PC software control

■ Voltage rising and falling slopes are adjustable

■ Power output soft-start function

■ 16 bits D/A high precision converter, accurate output

■ 16 bits A/D high precision converter, more accurate readback

■ Multiple protection functions Over temperature, open circuit protection

■ 19-inch standard rack size

■ 7-inch large LCD screen

■ Touch screen operation & numeric key input

■ Multi-level shuttle adjustment knob

■ The power input is controlled by a circuit breaker, which is more secure

■ Output ON/OFF button

■ Fan intelligent speed regulation design to reduce noise

■ Front/side air intake, rear air outlet, saving cooling space

■ Support Modbus protocol

■ Standard interface: RS-485&RS-232

Application Field

■ Current sensor

■ Current Transformer

■ Cable

■ Wiring Harness

■ Connector

■ Circuit breaker

■ Contactor

■ Low voltage electrical appliances