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HY-GT Gyroscope Test Power Source

Voltage 0-60Vrms(Range selectable)
Capacity 100VA-3000VA
Frequency 300Hz-5kHz(Range selectable)
+86 1380 1800 699

Product manual download: HY-GT

HY-GT Gyroscope Test Power Source.pdf


■ Output frequency range 300Hz-1500Hz, optional 300Hz-5000Hz, set resolution of 0.01Hz

■ Output capacity range: 100VA -3000VA

■ Output voltage AC 0-60Vrms, set resolution of 0.01V

■ Output phase difference dual phase 90 °/three-phase 120 °

■ Output waveform sine wave, optional square wave output

■ Linear power supply technology, low ripple noise, high stability, and no high-frequency interference

■ Support front panel programming without the need for upper computer software control

■ Power output soft start function

■ 16 bits D/A high-precision converter with precise output

■ 16 bits A/D high-precision converter for more accurate read back

■ Multiple protection functions OVP/OCP/OTP

■ 19 inch standard rack or floor mounted

■ 4 inch&7 inch large LCD display screen

■ Touch screen operation&number key input

■ Multistage shuttle adjustment knob

■ Output ON/OFF buttons

■ Intelligent speed control design for fans, reducing noise

■ Front/side air inlet, rear air outlet, saving heat dissipation space

■ Supports Modbus protocol

■ Standard interface: RS-485&RS-232

Application Field

■ Guidance system gyroscope testing

■ Rotating transformer

■ Gyro motor

■ Scientific research