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HY-BPC‍SU Bipolar Current Source

Voltage ±2.5V/±5V/±10V/±20V/±30V/±40V/±60V/±80V (optional)
Current 0~±1000A(optional)
Capacity 200VA~10kVA
Frequency 10Hz-150kHz
+86 1380 1800 699

HY-BPCSU series bipolar constant current source, with current amplifier function, can be used in conjunction with electrochemical workstations as

Current expansion purpose, with a maximum expansion current of ± 1000A, used for I-V curve testing and AC impedance testing of high current low resistance systems such as fuel cells and battery cells. The power supply adopts new linear technology, which has the advantages of ultra-low distortion rate and ultra-low external interference. Through four quadrant action, it achieves a testing method that can provide power as the power supply and absorb power as the load.

■ open circuit voltage:±2.5V/±5V/±10V/±20V/±30V/±40V/±60V/±80V (可选)

■ output current:0~±1000A(可选)

■ output capacity:200VA~10kVA

■ Output wide channel:DC~100Hz、DC~500Hz、DC~1kHzDC~5kHz)、


■ Adopting new linear technology, with the advantages of ultra-low ripple and ultra-low external interference

■ High speed response speed, current response time ≤ 100μS

■    3U single machine size and weight:450(W)*660(D)*133(H)mm,35kg(estimate)

■    For more parameters, please refer to the sample booklet